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Arcane-inc. Hand-wound by Rob Timmons

From the West Coast of the USA, Arcane-inc became the latest custom shop of our choice after literally "Shocking us" (in the most postitive way) with their incredible clarity, definition, transparency and vintage character of their pickups.  If you are a vintage tone "lover", and know how to appreciate high level workmanship for a pickup totally customised to any given specification, made of the very finest materials on the market...Rob Timmons is the man to get the job done for you!  Just call us let us know what your specification is

About Rob Timmons & Arcane-inc Pickups

I wound my first pickup in 1990 while attending the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and since then I have worked for numerous companies in the guitar industry from large guitar manufacturers to small custom builders like Valley Arts and Tobias handling everything from running custom shops and artist relations programs to entire guitar divisions. 


I started Arcane, Inc. with the goal of producing the highest quality, most uncompromised, hand-made pickups in the industry. Since then I have worked with many respected names in the industry.


As a consultant, I helped Tyler Guitars founder and namesake Jim Tyler ( develop the Tyler pickup line, and built the first 500 Tyler pickups myself in the Arcane shop. I also worked on a project with highly respected pickup builder Tom Holmes that eventually became his Japanese line (Prior to the formation of Arcane Inc.). 


Today I consult guitar companies on pickup design and construction, build pickups on an OEM basis for James Trussart Guitars ( and also sell to artist musicians and distributors all over the world in search of better tone and the finest in custom pickups.


This work is not just a business it’s a passion. I have a deep understanding of what makes a tonally superior pickup. The products that come out of my shop reflect unparalleled craftsmanship and are the culmination of all the knowledge I have gained from my years of working in the guitar industry. 


I invite you to experience the best quality pickups you will ever play.


Rob Timmons

Owner & Founder


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