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Bulldog pickups Hand-wound by Hayden Minett 

Out of all the British pickup makers we had to go with the very best one by far, Mr Hayden Minett of Bulldog Pickups (a former member of Bare Knuckle). His pickups are to our experience an upgrade of the very popular "British custom shop" and he can fully customise  your pickups based on any popular model of BK, with any tonal features or frequency changes of your choice.

Zivory "Infra-Blue"
Joey Tafolla Signature Model
After long discussions with Mr Tafolla on what he is tonally looking for, Joey required a pickup which has a strong focus on the high end frequencies but at the same time sounds huge with a very tight low end. Mr Hayden Minett finally came up with a ground-breaking humbucker that fulfils its purpose to the maximum. He created the "Infra-Blue".

Neck: 8.6k      Bridge: 9.8k

£200 per set or £110 each
Zivory "Brownie"
The pickup era of the '80s was "scared" by a man who came along to change the way the guitar was going to be played and sound...nothing would be the same ever again.  
Eddie Van Halen created what he called the Brown Sound.
Based on this Mr Minett created the "Brown Sound" pickup, using an Alnico 5 magnet for an extra kick which has also got a large off-set wiring in the coils of approximately 9%, and a medium output for maximum clarity. If you're after the real "Brown Sound", we've got you covered with this one.

Neck 7.2 K  Bridge 8.7
Zivory "Shuriken"
Named after a Ninja's most unpredictable weapon, the SHURIKEN. It's sharp, fast, deadly and you don't see it coming. Our new hot humbucker is a killer! It cuts through the mix as its winding is really tight to achieve a sparkly high end (unlike most humbuckers), it has an off-set of approximately 5% to remove most of the focused midrange and it also has a few more  turns of wire to give it an extra boost. The Shuriken is a cutting edge humbucker unlike anything else we've ever experienced.

Neck 8.2  Bridge 11.3

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