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Zivory Hand-Wound Pickups by Bryan Jeppson

While innovation in tone is based on the simplest things, it is when people go the extra mile to provide it, that one vital ingredient must emerge. 

In conjunction with high level expertise and knowledge (not to mention endless hours of experimentation and testing), forming the Magick* formula that makes all the difference must embrace this vital ingredient - Passion.  

We've been building hand-crafted instruments for over 3 decades with a consuming passion,  consistently obsessing over tone.  We turned our attention to making pickups because we needed electronics that would faithfully reproduce all the subtle nuances of our instruments.  

Our Hand-Wound pickups are the result of this willingness and passion to only offer the very best tone to you, our fellow musicians, as our only aim is to help you achieve that Magick*. we know we can...

Bryan Jeppson

Zivory "Old'n'Rusty"
Based on the classic PAF pickups from the late 50's, we've designed the Old'n'Rusty for Zivory Guitars according to given specifications. 
Wiring the coils in a way to add high end response and cutting down on mid-range to approach the tone of the P90 were the requirements which we were happy to meet,  as we like all great ideas that connect us with the roots of true tone and bring us closer to achieving having made another fantastic pickup.
Built with an Alnico 4 in the neck and an Alnico 3 in the bridge and 42 awg single coat polyvinyl wire. The coil mismatch is roughly 10%. (off-set) to achieve that perfect for Blues and Classic Rock desirable P90 tone with all the undesirable noise (60-cycle hum) removed! Wasn't this the reason a humbucker was designed in the first place...? 
We are proudly presenting the Zivory "Old'n'Rusty" to share the ultimate humbucking experience with you.

Neck 7.3K     Bridge 8.2K

£220 per set or £120 each
Zivory "Gypsy"
Zivory Guitars wanted a versatile pickup that can operate and work for a vast number of styles and environments, just like the nomadic tribes (Gypsies) can adjust themselves and operate in any given environment or situation.  We created the "Gypsy" which is a hot-PAF style pickup with a strong off-set. It works perfectly on any give situation, responds extremely well to huge amounts of distortion, cleans up really well when turned down maintaining all vintage qualities and has all the quack needed when used split as a single coil in positions 2&4.  The "Gypsy" is the perfect all round humbucker and we highly recommend it for a vast variety of playing styles.
Neck 7.6K      Bridge 8.9K

£220 per set or £120 each
Zivory "Beast"
When designing the beast we had a pickup in mind powerful enough for any Heavy/Rock styles, withought having to sacrifice or even compromise on any of the vintage qualities .  As we  needed a pickup that does's sound muddy, overwinding was not an option at all. The only way to achieve the power of an overwound pickup, maintaining a tight bottom-end, smooth highs and clarity was to go with an ALNICO 8 magnet, use heavy formvar, underwind the pickup, but also wind the coils unevenly, creating an approximate 7% off-set. The "Beast" is definitely in our favourites list.  Highly recommended!!!
Neck 9.2,  Bridge 12.1K

£220 per set or £120 each
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Single Coils
Zivory "Rebel Pin-up"
The Rebel Pin-up is the one and only single coil pickup set we're building for Zivory Guitars. This set of single coils is designed to capture the very spirit of the meaning "Glassy Tone" but at the same time be powerful enough to accommodate the most tonally demanding playing styles of a wide spectrum. We designed this pickup set with Alnico 3 magnets just to add a bit of character. Whether you're into the "Tower of Power" tone, or into Yngwie's sleazy/aggressive picking attack, the Rebel Pin-up is the girl for you. With a neck pickup strong enough to be volume-wise perfectly in balance when used in a set with a humbucker as well as to serve all shredding purposes, a middle pickup weak enough to give you all the quack in positions 2&4 (as this is the main focus for the mid pickup on this particular set), and a bridge pickup that resembles the fat tone of a P90, the Rebel Pin-up will make sure to offer you all the "Juice" needed to play literally any style and sound 100% authentic.


Neck 6.9K,   Mid 5.6K,   Bridge 7.8K

£200 per set of 3 or £70 each

Zivory Artist Signature Pickup sets by Bryan Jeppson
Zivory G.M Signature
George Marios is considered to be THE "Hot Cat" of the new generation's instrumental guitar virtuosos.  He has even been described as "The New Guthrie", due to his flawless high level technique and energy. 
Zivory Guitars asked us to create a pickup which would be able to accommodate such level of technical variation in conjunction with a high standard of note definition, as G.M is using a lot of hybrid picking and consequently we had to focus on the way the pickups would respond in positions 2&4.
We finally managed to create a pickup in such way, to provide the juiciest tone when used in position 1&5 (humbuckers), and at the same time offers the maximum amount of quack in positions 2&4. 
G.M usually plays with a small amount of overdrive, so we managed to also make the pickup "clean up" really well when turned down. 
The G.M Nacho is a killer hot-ish vintage style constructed humbucker that can literally do everything you will "ask" from it.
Neck. 8.3           Bridge 9.4

£240 per set or £130 each
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