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Our Philosophy
After 25 years of playing experience and experimenting with woods and pickups, we came to the conclusion that the world of tonewoods had not been explored anywhere near enough.

Tonewood has so much more to offer than used to date in the glorified electric guitar world.

Therefore, our team at Zivory Custom Guitars took a deep breath and dived into the ocean of tonewoods to find ourselves blowing the myths of commercially used, and glorified wood species, out of the water… and we continue to do so.

Having spent years dedicated to the research of superior tone-woods we have mastered the skill of creating these instruments.
They enhance each individual taste of tone by combining different wood species, overlooked by the Electric Guitar World, but have been lauded by acoustic guitar luthiers for decades.
The fact that certain woods species have been used and preferred by acoustic guitar luthiers has been a vital direction in helping us to make our choices.
The projection of acoustic guitar tone is purely produced by the tonewood and the skill of the luthiers without any help of electronics and amplifiers.

This helped us down the road of which woods sound better, have more clarity, more sustain, more sound projection, clearer high end response, tighter bass, and pronounced high mids.

Luthiers in the acoustic guitar world have known about the tonal properties of a vast number of tonewoods and they have built guitars out of the tonewoods that perform the best.

Wood species of this quality are the tonewoods that Zivory Custom Guitars are proudly using to make your electric guitar.
Your Tone
Not only are we offering an extensive range of superior tonewoods, tested and proven to perform with greater resonance, projection and sustain, they also offer stunning visual impact, for necks and bodies, through their natural flourish.

The extensive range of tonewoods for bodies and necks are offered to ensure you really are able to customise Your Tone.

If you require advice, we are passionate about our instruments and would welcome the chance to discuss your requirements and help you to create a tone that is totally personal and delivers the sound you want, from current tones, to shredders to “Vintage” spectrum sounds.

In our experience many guitarists have a tone they want from their guitar but can only get tones offered by non customised instruments and they do not deliver.
Delivering that sound is our ultimate goal when customising an instrument for you. Our customisation process ensures we understand and deliver those tones and sounds you have in your mind.

Come and talk to us, you have nothing to lose, and take away a fully customised tone to die for. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience that you will want to share with others.
Choose the perfect woods for you and create your tone. Enter the world of Zivory Custom Guitars.


“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.” - LEWIS CAROL
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