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Zivory Hand-Wound Pickups by Bryan Jeppson, Michael Daugherty, Bill Megela,  
Hayden Minett, & Rob Timmons
The most vital ingredients needed to achieve "Absolute Tone" other than the woods, are the guitar pickups. The quality of the pickup determines how precise the tone of the wood is getting amplified from the guitar to the amp and consequently into the ear. In other words, the better the pickup, the more precise the tone we experience.
At Zivory Custom Guitars we do not use any mass-produced pickups from the "Big Guys" as through our experience they totally lack in tone and character. A pickup MUST be hand-wound and there are no short-cuts to a place worthwhile going.

A pickup also MUST be wound by one person in order to have consistency from one pickup to the next of the same model. There's no way two different people can wind the same pickup even if they follow the exact same specifications.

That's why we do not work with larger companies even if they hand-wind their pickups as they usually have more than two people (sometimes even up to twenty different members of staff) winding their pickups and therefore can never be consistent. 
We exclusively work with "One-Man Show" custom shops as this is "The Way To Go" to absolutely ensure maximum quality hand-wound pickups.

In order to choose the very best pickup custom shops we installed the most popular models of the supposedly "world's best pickup companies", and started ordering in pickups from a vast number of small custom shops who were getting extremely good reviews.
It didn't take very long for the myth"of the "big guys" to be busted. In fact most of the samples the small custom shops were sending to us were sounding much better than the popular models of the "Big Guys".
Due to the hand winding they were much more touch sensitive, dynamic and more responsive than the machine-wound mass produced/off the shelf pickups. Soon we discovered the creme de la creme of pickup customisation.

We are now proudly presenting our range of Zivory Pickups, fully custom-made and hand-wound by some of the world's greatest pickup connoisseurs, Bryan Jeppson (Jeppson-Pickups),
Rob Timmons (Arcane-inc Pickups),  Bill Megela (Electric City Pickups), Michael Daugherty (CM Daugherty Pickups)  and Hayden Minett (Bulldog Pickups).
Organic and Pure, Bryan's, Michael's, Bill's, Rob's and Hayden's superior work has been the magical ingredient and secret tonal weapon of many U.K and USA session musicians over the past few decades. 











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