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“Zivory Guitars are simply the best sounding and looking guitars I have played.  I have been using them in various studio sessions and live performances and they never cease to amaze me with their versatility and quality of tone.  They are an extension of me and  I would urge everyone to check them out!”

George Marios (Solo Artist, Kody, Lick Library, Session Musician)

I approached Zivory Custom Guitars for the prices offered and immediately felt certain George knew what he was talking about. After I spent some time consulting George (I never imagined such minor details regarding wood could make such dramatic difference), I ordered my guitar in April 2012. George got on to it with zeal and care. I now am in possession of the best guitar money can buy!

Michael Feller (Session musician)

I’ve never seen, played or heard anything quite as beautiful as this guitar! It’s like having a Strat AND a Les Paul in one, but better, A LOT better.  Zivory Guitars for life!!!

Ryan Wilson (Solo Artist)

Hi George!!

My guitar has arrived today!! It's sooooooooooo amazing guitar!  I'm sorry that I can't express my impression enough owing to a lack of English vocabulary...Only I can say is Zivory Guitar is the best in the world. Thank you for creating such an amazing axe for me.  I really appreciate your dedication so far. I'm certain that every player who plays Zivory would be knocked out!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Best regards,


Yui Nakagawa (Customer from Japan)

My new Zivory Fauser is amoung the best guitars I have ever played; this level of resonance and overtone-rich sound can only come from a true understanding of great woods and quality construction. I really couldn't be happier with it.  Anyone with a real passion for guitar, tone and true craftsmanship should contact Zivory Custom Guitars and start putting together their new #1.



Stuart Robson (Solo Artist)

I recently played a Zivory Fauser a friend of mine bought in a while ago, and think it was a Tassie Blackwood body with a Pau Ferro neck. I've never played a guitar with such playability before, and the tone was just mind blowing too. I've had to straight away get on the phone to Zivory Guitars and order one but wasn't sure what tone-woods to go for. James was the man to speak to on the phone. He fully informed me about the various tone-woods and their tonal properties as well as about all the customised pickup choices I had with Bryan Jeppson.  The customer service was just exceptional, James gave me all the time in the world and answered all my questions!  The guitar took just over six weeks to be fully customised and the results were just as I expected, simply amazing!  

Stefan Muller (Solo Artist)


I have been so lucky over the past ten years to have owed most of the popular named guitars. (you know the ones I mean), But in recent years I have put my faith into smaller or less known guitar builders, who put their hearts and soul into the craft, not just a money spinner. About a year ago I've purchased my first Zivory Pioneer (Douglas Fir Body & AAAA Birds-eye Neck). This guitar is a true work of art. Both visually and musically. The neck is a joy to touch and the fret work is just perfection. Some people will buy a guitar that is smothered in a thick finish because they think it looks cool.(may be) But the virgin finish of my Zivory surely gives the string the feedom to ring and sing. I was so happy with my first Zivory...couldn't resist to order a second one and bought another Zivory made of Black Limba (Body&Neck), whith a Macassar ebony fingerboard. My two Zivory Custom Pioneer Guitars are very resonant indeed. They are the same shape BUT thats where the similarity ends. They both ring like a bell, but have different overtones and dynamics. The wood choice available at Zivory Custom Guitars is the best you will find anywhere from any builder. I would have to place them among the very best guitars out there today.  I don't think you will find a guitar that plays or sounds better. Anyone looking for a Top end guitar need to look no further! Zivory guitars should be on stages over the world, played by the world's greatest guitar players. 


Thanks George !!! 

Graham Smith (Guitar Lover)

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