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"The Shipwreck" 


30 Watts, 2XEL34s, Cathod Biased Hand-Wired

Based on the most popular model of our all-time favourite amp deigner who unfortunately departed in 2006, the Shipwerck is a home-user friendly, and "pedal friendlier", version of the amp everyone wants but can't have as they are selling for upwards of $35.000. Our re-design of this amp includes a master volume as well as an FX loop which fully maintain the original's pure qualities while it continues to offer the touch sensitivity and all the rich overtones (a lot of people refer to as the sweet spot) at much lower volumes. The Shipwreck is the ultimate version of the most desired amp ever built, only this time it is available to everyone...not just to the world's luckiest 100 people.


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