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"The Sleazeball" 


44/36/18 Watts, 6XEL84s, Cathod Biased Hand-Wired

The Sleazeball is our high-gain version on the worlds most popular guitar amp; the Plexi. Plexi-style amps are usually EL34 based, so we have created a different, slightly sweeter "Break-Up" flavour by re-designig our circuit around the EL84 valve. We had to compensate for the volume drop due to the low wattage of the EL84s, and so came up with a whole different circuit design to include an additional two valves, thus taking our amp to similar gigging volumes in line with the original EL34 based Plexis. All this alongside the advantage of some fantastic chimey dirty-clean tones, which cannot be acheived by any other valve type. It is that exact moment of the break-up transition from clean-ish to extremely dirty, where the Sleazeball just can't help being...a Sleazeball!

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