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Zivory Ampworks

At Zivory Custom Guitars tone has been, and always will be our first priority. With our custom shop consisting of guitar players with long gigging and recording experience stretching over three decades; we have focused on creating a range of amps with all the vintage qualities and the great voicings of the classic British and US amps, while omitting all the obstickles that used to come with them. Gone are the days of having to play at really high volumes due to lack of an effective master volume, or having to use overdrive and distortion pedals to increase the saturation to precisely what you desire.

That said, we are not intending to re-invent the wheel or make change for changes sake and therefore we have kept the basic tonality of the already perfected recipes. Our true goal is to offer you all of these beautiful classic sounds uncompromised and unspoiled: only the exact modifications and necessary re-designing of circuits that make an amp a pleasure to live with as well as a joy to play and listen to. After several years of re-designing and testing, we came up with a range of models, of which the originals have been key names among the most desirable amps of all time.

What we have achieved for our fellow guitar-wielding friends are four different amps that are nicely compact, being nearly half the size of the average 50-watt head, with more than enough saturation to play any style from Blues to Heavy Rock.

Each having an FX loop which does not affect the amps original tone in any way; always maintaining every nuance of the vintage qualities and character.


These rich harmonic overtones and the beautiful voicings which many people refer to as "the tone in their heads" when they are searching for a new amp, are at the heart of the very best vintage amps of old. It was that very voice in every guitar players thoughts, including ours, that was the drive behind our decision to present to you these four Zivory Custom Guitar Amps.

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