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Zexcoil Noiseless Single Coil Technology
Zexcoil Pickups
Throughout past generations of various music styles, single coil players all over the world have always been searching for a solution to a common major problem called 60cycle hum. For years and years the only solution seemed to be a "tonal compromise" of giving up tone to lose the horrible unwanted interferance.  Of course this wan't a solution at all, as tone is everything to every perceptive guitarist and never subject to compromise. There have been a number of great pickup designers during the past two decades, who came to fairly good results, "manipulating" the single coil tone by using dummy coils to cancl out the hum, was still not quite good enough compared to a true single coil.  Ther was finally one pickup designer who managed to stand out from the crowd and raise the standard to the point to confidently claim having achieved true single coil tone. We would like to introduce Dr.A.Scott Lawing, the inventor of Zexcoil Pickups.
Dr Lawing patented the one coil per string design, which enables the most efficient hum canceling available, yielding some of the most toneful pickups you'll find anywhere.


Vintage Series
Vintage Series™

With our Vintage Series pickups, we’ve discovered how to target the full range of vintage tonality of the AlNiCo alloys, but with a subtlety and flexibility that is only possible with Zexcoil technology. These are some of the best vintage tones that you have ever heard, but without the noise. We recommend 500 kΩ controls, for that extra bit of “air” and dynamic output, and to play nice with our Buckers or your conventional humbucker, but our Vintage Series pickups are also compatible with standard 250 kΩ Strat controls.


Vintage Single 5™:The SV5 exhibits an electromagnetic signature that is nearly identical to a vintage design AlNICo 5 pickup, so naturally the tone is right there as well. This is the most open, transparent and “Strattiest” pickup in our line. The SV5 is fantastic in any position.


Vintage Single 2™:The SV2 provides an attack reminiscent of AlNiCo II while maintaining a full strength magnetic field for added punch. The SV2 is slightly thicker, rounder and juicier than our SV5. This is a middle pickup that you’ll actually USE!


Vintage Single 5O™:The SV5O is a slightly overwound (about 7%) version of our SV5, to give you just a little more output but with that same open, bell-like clarity. We designed it for the bridge, but Anthony Stauffer of StevieSnacks loves it in the neck.



Vintage Single 5+™:The SV5+ utilizes a dialed back version of our “Fat” design approach to yield a pickup with a voice similar to AlNiCo 5, but more saturated and powerful. Think of it as “fat-lite”. It’s still very Stratty and makes a great bridge position pickup mated with any of our Singles in the other positions.

Fat Series

Fat Series™

The Fat Series represent designs that are just not possible with conventional pickup technology. We’ve discovered how to take a basically Stratty® response, but stretch it to the limit of Warmth and Power, resulting in a bigger, meatier, more saturated tone. These pickups are designed to provide that Fat “no icepick” tone that many players have always craved but never been able to quite achieve. Back off on the gain, and it is very Stratty. Push it to the limits and it thickens up nicely, almost into humbucker territory.



Fat Single Special™:This pickup is primarily designed to go in the bridge position of a Strat® and provide that extra beef that many players crave. Take the SV5+ and crank it up a notch. The SFS is designed to be compatible with 250 kΩ controls and Vintage Series pickups.



Fat Single™:This Fat pickup was designed to be compatible with 500 kΩ controls and to partner with higher output pickups such as the Buckers in the Signature Set. It is tonally similar to the SFS, but higher output and a bit smoother, and is also favored in the bridge position. 

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